A Journey To Relieve Pain

This is the story of how my lifelong pain was eased quickly and naturally, changing my life in the process.

Hi there! The switch from pharmaceuticals to CBD has transformed my life and I’m going to explain some of it to you today.

Since I was a kid, I have suffered with chronic headaches and migraines. These things were brutes that dominated my life for days at a time. As a teenager, it wasn’t unusual for me to be crippled by a headache for three or four days out of every week. As you might imagine, that has a very serious impact on a teenager’s life.

As a family, we went to so many Drs and consultants that I lost count. If I were to guess that more than fifty people have tried to understand my problem over the years, I think it would be a little conservative. That is only a few every year, but it mounts up and to be honest, none of them had a clear idea what was causing me all the pain.

As a family, we changed our water supply, cycled in and out different types of fruit, vegetables, nuts and supplements. I tried different types of tea, chai, coffee and hot chocolate. There were a few easings here and there, but nothing lasting that reduced or stopped the pain on a permanent basis.

Based on all these Dr and hospital appointments I have also cycled through a large number of pain relieving pharma products. Some of the names will be ones that you know, some will not be. Over the years our family used to joke that if I were to jump up and down you could hear the pills rattling inside of me…

As a young adult I tried beer, wine and cider in the hope that something fun might help to ease the headaches. Not only did they not work, but they do not accompany pharma products well.

At a party one night, aged around twenty, I was offered my first joint. I had never smoked before, so I coughed like it was the end of my life. That was not a good experience, but, my head was eased. It was something that I noted in a mental file.

If we fast forward a couple of years and the world had turned and it was now possible to separate the parts of cannabis. For the uninitiated, the main parts are CBD and THC. One part, CBD, has a wide range of properties that help people to reduce or remove their pains. It is being used by cancer patients, for example, to reduce the pain from their radiotherapy treatment. The other main part, THC, contains that marijuana part that people smoke for, to get high.

To put that another way, one part is calming and the other is where the tripping comes from.

It is now possible to get CBD – from a place like this – in a wide range of ways, such as infused food, as a liquid, as a cream to rub on muscles and to smoke or vape. Perhaps the most accessible is CBD gummy bears. You would just eat ONE maybe fifteen minutes before bed, go to bed and then generally, have an incredibly deep and relaxing night’s sleep.

I have met people that have had their lives totally transformed by CBD. People that were in such pain that their daily pharma stack left them almost comatose, barely able to function, addicted to tranquilisers or whatever. I’m lucky, I was never in that much pain. A lot of pain, yes, but not that much.

Despite this, I probably get one of my really bad headaches twice per month now, when before they were around three days per week. As you can imagine, this has substantially improved my life and the lives of my family that are now much less controlled by my pain.

I’m still at a stage where I find it difficult to work when using cbd, in part because it relaxes me soooooo much. But these days I am at least not forced into my bed with the lights off. I can help around the house, cook, clean and be useful, just not quite as useful as an employer would like.

Whether a cbd product, such as cbd oil, will be able to help you and your life, I cannot say. What I can see though, is that if you are in a lot of pain currently, taking a few days to try cbd and see whether it helps, is likely to be a very reasonable test in your life. If you see no benefits after a period between a few days and perhaps two weeks, then maybe it is not for you. But if it does help you, getting off the tranqs and back into some normal level of functional day will be a great step forwards to recovering some life and normalcy.

Good luck!